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Eris' Writing Shop! (Lore and Biographies!)

Eris' Writing Shop! (Lore and Biographies!)
Posted 2023-05-23 11:46:44 (edited)

You step through a small opening of hanging moss into a small cave. There are little nooks in the walls of the cave. Most of the nooks are filled with books and scrolls, though some hold slowly-melting candles. In the center of the cave, there's a young wolf with short, softly glowing white fur that looks somewhat transparent and light yellow eyes. They're sitting on a mat made of moss, reading a few books on the stone desk in front of them. You blink, and then realize that a quill is writing in the books, without being held up by anything!

The wolf looks up at you, slightly surprised. "Oh! Hello there. My name's Eris, and this is my writing shop. Are you interested in what I have to offer?"

No --> Erin frowns. "Oh, then have a good day!" You walk out of the cave and move on with your day.
Yes --> Eris grins in delight. "Wonderful! I have a few options."

Yes, continued --> "First off, I can write lore for you! This could be about the history of your pack, the beliefs and/or customs of your pack, significant events your pack has experienced, things like that. The length of this depends on how long you want it to be, but please nothing higher than maybe... 1000-ish words? I might change that in the future, though..."

"I can also write Biographies for individual wolves! These can be anywhere from 100 words long to 1000 words long! A few examples of what could be in these bios is the wolf's backstory, a story about their daily life, or a story about a certain event in their life."

"And finally, payments. every 150 words is 400 SC or 1 GC. It's like that for both the bios and the lore stories."

Eris grins over at you once more, showing off all of their teeth. "And that's all. Oh, wait, I'd love it if you submitted your commission through PMs. In a commission I'll need your name and ID, your order and budget, links to any wolves involved or your pack, a short summary of what you would like to be written, the length of the text, and if you're on a time crunch or not. If you are on a time crunch, please tell me in the commission exactly how much time! The more details the easier it will be to complete your request! And finally, I don't care if you pay me before or after I start writing. If you decide to pay me after, and then never pay, I'll edit the story and sell it to a different wolf."

"Oh dear, you look a bit overwhelmed..." Eris giggles slightly at your dazed face. "It's fine if you would like to go shop somewhere else. I don't really mind. But I do hope you'll consider buying from my shop!"

exeris9 | SEMI-HIATUS

Posted 2023-05-24 03:28:59 (edited)

You see something out of the corner of your eye, and turn your head to see a tunnel that leads to another cave. Eris notices and explains, "Oh! That's the tunnel to my friend Pluto's adoption stand. You can adopt pups from his pack there!" link

exeris9 | SEMI-HIATUS

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