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Muties for Newbies [OPEN!]

Muties for Newbies [OPEN!]
Posted 2023-05-11 12:23:25 (edited)


It's been a long and tiring journey through glorious prairie grasses and rolling hills, but you soon find a cozy knoll to rest in. It feels as though you've closed your eyes for but a moment before something disturbs you. A shadow fills your vision, and you identify it as a silhouette belonging to a wolf so pale and fair. Looking up, a friendly face greets you, panting in delight and joy at meeting someone new.

"Hello! she bays, dropping into a play-bow, tail wagging to demonstrate her friendly intent. "It's nice to meet you! I'm called Bombshell Blonde, but most call me Blondie for short. I'm from Initiis Novis, a pack not far from here. Come on, you're right on time! I'll show you in!" Trotting off, showering flower petals from her headdress in her wake, you're left little choice but to lope after her or be left behind. Following her, Blondie soon crests a hill, showing you a secluded grove, where wolves in coats of black and white lounge: mutations most-fabled. Close at hand, others wearing more familiar coats pad about, and adolescents romp and pups tussle. Above it all, a small host of wolves radiating a no-nonsense attitude watch these charges from those who might steal them away for themselves.

Noticing your perplexed expression, Blondie laughs. "Nothing to worry about, friend! Most are confused, seeing all of us albinos and melanistic wolves out here in a group like this. But here, we wait to find new packs, you see? But we're looking for specific packs! Since others like me are...rarer and harder to find, we want to help bring this love to packs who might otherwise find it difficult to find one such as ourselves!" Laughing gaily, she nods for you to follow her, leaping down to meet those waiting. Barking and licking her face in greeting, she makes her rounds before settling to one side to keep explaining, inviting you to sit beside her. "We're an adoption center, of sorts, albeit a small and limited one. But I'm so, so happy to be here! Some of these are my own children..." Trailing into teary pause, she sniffled and giggled as she rolled onto her side, tail wagging.

"Enough of me being such a worrywart," Blondie decides, sitting up. "Though my goodbyes will be hard, it's a bittersweet thing; I know my children will be safe and loved, no matter where they go." Rising to her feet, she shakes herself off. "Come along! I'll show you about, and you can meet everyone!" Padding after her, you don't expect how fast Blondie is as she whips to face you, until you're nose-to-nose with her snarl. "But one more thing: no asking after me, you hear? I'm home here in Initiis Novis and I'm home for good. Got that, buster?" As sunny as she was before, she's soon skipping to show you her charges and find them a new home in you and your pack...


Posted 2023-05-11 20:17:22 (edited)


Please read and abide by these rules before you post.

  1. Be respectful and polite to your fellow players, including me. I would very much appreciate requests to adopt being phrased nicely. In addition, no negative, discriminatory, or otherwise hurtful comments in this forum. Violators of this rule will be warned against further engaging in poor conduct before being permanently banned from this forum, blocked, or even reported to Wolvden staff should highlighted behaviors persist.

  2. All dens must be healthy (no hungry, upset, or sick wolves) and must be spacious (one more adult slot than needed for a wolf is preferred) to qualify for a wolf from this forum, regardless of a mutation's age. This is to ensure that my wolves will be safe and happy in a new home. I will reserve a right to refuse an adoption for reasons I see fit to disclose or not.

  3. To qualify, an account and associated den must be less than 30 rollovers in age. Accounts older than 30 rollovers are disqualified by default, my apologies! In addition, post your requests as a comment in this forum, not as a PM to me. This is to keep everyone up to speed on who's available or not, as well as keep my inbox space free.

  4. Limit one mutation wolf per player, period. I will be listing who has adopted from this forum and will not be giving another mutation to players who've received one from me before. This is to ensure that all players who come through this forum can get a wolf of my available wolves. In addition, we operate on a first come, first serve basis. PMing players to try to get a mutation they've adopted from this forum is not permitted and is a form of harassment, in my book. I will consistently be posting new mutations and carriers, so be patient and find one you like.

  5. Selling a mutation or carrier adopted from this strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban and a block. Selling a mutation you adopted for free isn't fair and is very disrespectful, to both myself and others who might like a mutation, and it will not be tolerated. Chasing a mutation adopted from this forum will also earn you a ban, as mutation statuses do not carry upon chasing. Return unwanted wolves to this forum to be adopted out again.

  6. I invite messages asking for food, amusement, medicine, and other supplies to care for a wolf you've adopted from this forum. Please don't be afraid to ask for help! I want a mutation from this forum to thrive, so don't hesitate to PM me (𝔸𝕘𝕖𝕟𝕠𝕥𝕙𝕣𝕖𝕖 #15976) asking for assistance. Do not post your request as a message in this forum, and don't ask for supplies from other players who aren't offering them, as that can be considered begging and is against Wolvden rules.

  7. In contrast to above, I welcome and very much appreciate donations! SC/GC, food, amusement, nesting material, and other common goods that can be spared help me to a great degree in keeping everything running. Please don't feel obligated to donate something, as this is an absolutely voluntary gesture and not necessary to adopt a wolf.

  8. As a clarification, players are welcome to also visit my other giveaways for newbies forums! A request to adopt from each forum will not be denied, except in an issue regarding den health before adoption. Feel free to request a wolf from each forum! Requesting multiple wolves on one forum is not permitted, as we still operate on a one wolf per player basis.

These rules and guidelines are subject to change as needed.

Thank you!


Posted 2023-05-11 20:30:56 (edited)



Posted 2023-05-11 20:35:55 (edited)



Posted 2023-05-11 20:43:25 (edited)


  • This piebald was given away to White_Soul (#57798), but I was not notified by her original adopter. After some discussion, I decided to let White_Soul keep her, as they qualified for a mutation from Muties for Newbies and they were very polite and cooperative.


Posted 2023-05-11 20:53:30 (edited)


Five piebald wolves were donated by 🌿 Hartley (#260), May 17th 2023!
Nineteen uses of amusement were donated by an anonymous user, June 4th 2023!
Nine nesting materials were donated by Jordan (#118890), June 25th 2023!
One piebald wolf was donated by 🐺❄EternalWinters❄🐺 (#108537), July 9th 2023!
Fifteen amusement uses and one food use were donated by RockNRoll (#111665), July 9th 2023!
Two raffle-eyed piebalds were donated by Cloud7 (#23093), July 9th 2023!
One raffle-eyed T3 piebald was donated by Cloud7 (#23093), July 12th 2023!


Posted 2023-05-11 20:57:13 (edited)


Adult #1
G5 -♀- Cream (Muted Medium I) - White Eyes - 8M - Piebald: Uneven


Adult #2
G2 -♀- Dark Brown (Muted Dark I) - Sapphire Eyes - 4M - Piebald: Uneven

(Temporarily Unavailable)


Adult #3
G2 -♀- Lilac (Cool Dark II) - Blue Eyes - 8M - Carrier for Albinism


Adult #4
G2 -♀- Obsidian (Monochrome Dark II) - Brown Eyes - 6M - Piebald: Uneven


Posted 2023-05-11 20:58:55 (edited)


None yet!


Posted 2023-05-11 20:59:51 (edited)


None at present!


Posted 2023-05-11 22:02:51 (edited)
Hiii !! I've been playing for about a week! Could I have that cute purple-y adolescent? :D

(Edit: Apparently is been a few days over a week oops.)


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