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Stockpile Rules

Stockpile Rules
Posted 2020-09-25 00:31:39 /

By creating a Wolvden account, you automatically agree to the following rules.

General Stockpile Rules

  1. Keep your player name clear of any advertisements.  Even if you do not participate in the chat room or the forums, you are not permitted to advertise in your player name.  This includes, but is not limited to: advertising roleplays, suggestions, ideas, art commissions, currency trades, wolves, den clearouts, breeding male services, etc.  Any names that contain advertisements within them will be reset by a Wolvden staff member.  Please use the provided game features to advertise your services, suggestions, and roleplays.
    1. Setting your player name as "Tala, Lilac Breeder" is okay.  "Tala, Lilac Stud" or "Tala, 700 SC Lilac" are not, however.  The latter two names are directly advertising that you have a stud and/or stud fee set.
  2. Asking for, requesting, or hinting towards sponsors, donations, pledges, or pre-purchases for assets is not allowed.  A "sponsor" or "pledge" is defined as asking for SC, GC, or other Wolvden assets ahead of time with the promise of the donor receiving something later on in return.  These requests will be treated as begging.
  3. Once you sell an asset to someone, it's theirs to do with as they please.  The asset is no longer under your possession and you cannot demand they return it or refund/reimburse you.  Wolvden's staff team will not assist you if you're having buyer's or seller's remorse.  Think deals through carefully before you complete them, and make sure to always use the official Trading Center to conduct transactions safely.
    1. The same is said if you price a trade too low and it is bought out, or you mistakenly accept an offer that is too low.  Please triple-check your trades before placing them up.  You can always send a polite PM to the buyer or seller asking for a refund or explaining the situation, but they are under no obligation to reverse the transaction.  If they say no, leave it be.  Further interactions can be treated as harassment.
  4. You cannot advertise assets that are being held on another player's account.  For example, if you send a wolf over to your friend for any reason (whether to have them train your wolf or just for safe-keeping) and you intend to sell that wolf, your friend must give the wolf back to you before you can sell it.  Once an asset is moved to another account, it is considered to be that player's possession.  Advertising assets located on another player's account will be treated as breaking bullet 1.10 of the Code of Conduct: "Do not post content or links relating to other user's accounts, sales, raffles, wolves etc."
  5. Offering Wolvden assets, real life currency, or other site assets in exchange for assistance with your homework, coursework, answering surveys, or any other personal matters is not allowed.
  6. Keep all deal/transaction discussions and agreements on Wolvden only.  It may be more convenient for you to discuss the details of a transaction off-site, but know that if your transaction goes awry and you cannot provide any on-site evidence or proof of an agreement, Wolvden's staff team will not be able to help you.  We can only moderate what happens on Wolvden.  In order for a transaction to be completely safe and secure for all parties involved, it is crucial to keep discussions on Wolvden, whether in public forums or private messages.

Disclaimer: These rules may be added to, changed, or outright removed in the future.  When a change is made to this topic, it will be announced within the Recent Game Updates area as well as in a future news post.  We cannot predict every situation or topic before it occurs.

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