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🎄⛄ GIFT THE PERSON ABOVE YOU! LAST MIN SHOPPING ACHIEVEMENT!⛄🎄 ZalaSlyChikunia replied 1 minute ago3972
❄️🎄December gifting🎄❄️ ArisBee replied 1 minute ago27
[Gifting Season!] Gift the person above you! [OPEN] ✨Anaraktu✨Bee replied 2 minutes ago1510
Gifting Thread --- Happy Holidays! CirisKat ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ🎁🎁 4 u :3 replied 3 minutes ago28
Chemukh's Gifting Thread ChemukhAris bumped 5 minutes ago4
❄️ Yet another gifting thread! ❄️ 🌱Sealife/Beau🌱Aris bumped 6 minutes ago242
🎄 ✧ Canis' gifting corner ✧ 🎄 CanisAris bumped 6 minutes ago37
🎁December Event Gifting Thread🎁 IzzyAris bumped 7 minutes ago1231
🎁 ❤️ Bee's Gift Chain ❤️ 🎁 BeeAris bumped 7 minutes ago397
Dew's Gifting Thread!! FirefliesAris bumped 7 minutes ago25
Gift the wolf above you! (December gifting) MagicDream286Aris bumped 8 minutes ago4831
🎄 Gifting! 🎄 very drunken cowboyBee replied 8 minutes ago213
Dec Achievements 2023 - 100 Posts, 100 Gifts! BeforeAris bumped 8 minutes ago7
🎁Christmas exchange, gift the people above 🎁(OPEN) SkyAris bumped 9 minutes ago205
[🎁; ミ] GIFTS greenhearsePalmkitty replied 9 minutes ago51
Christmas exchange, gift the people above 🎅 (OPEN) SkyAris bumped 12 minutes ago197
🎀Gifting Thread🎀 JetBee replied 13 minutes ago421
Leave a comment, get a Dec gift<3 [REOPENING FOR 2023] PigeonPalmkitty replied 14 minutes ago205
you gift me, I gift you! [reopen!] every username is takenPalmkitty replied 42 minutes ago85
Giving 500 Gifts Before Christmas! AmericanWerewolfAmericanWerewolf bumped 52 minutes ago0
Gifting everyone who comments 🎄❤️ 𝒯𝒾𝓁𝒾𝒶Palmkitty replied 53 minutes ago24
✨🎁🎅🏽December Gifting Thread!🎅🏽🎁✨ ❄️🌙Moon🌙❄️☁️drowsyopossum | felix☁️ replied 56 minutes ago28
Gifting thread AmieAmie posted 1 hour ago0
kyo's gifts ♡ kyo / rozie ♡kyo / rozie ♡ replied 1 hour ago7
Gifts SockShoeevery username is taken replied 2 hours ago327