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Design My Next Stud! ZetonnaInforcer (He/Him) replied 36 minutes ago43
Design a sunset/sunrise/pastel wolf! 200sc and refunded breedings to a Selene stud as prizes! SleepyMegalosaurusSleepyMegalosaurus bumped 5 hours ago17
Design a Luna Wolf - 5 GC & more to the winner! [DONE: WINNER ANNOUNCED] QuickflickerQuickflicker replied 9 hours ago25
Design a Lunar with Glass eyes: 5GC Prize XiaflameXiaflame replied 14 hours ago10
The Wolfo Games LonelyWahleChimeraPlaysYouTuber replied 17 hours ago12
Lore Clan | Celestial Creations Event GhostieCrow replied 18 hours ago3
Design Denim Wolves!(potential 8GC Prize) LonelyWahleLonelyWahle bumped 19 hours ago14
☼ Lore Clan | April Prompt Up! ☼ GhostieGhostie bumped 1 day ago79
➵ The Pupper Games ➵ 2nd game FINALLY CONCLUDED PROPERLY MatsuStormClan replied 1 day ago528
Design a luna wolf! 500sc prize:) MoriartyBlack Ace replied 1 day ago50
Opal Stud Design/Naming Contest atantyrsnek_husband replied 2 days ago18
🌈👽 The Coolest Nerds of Wolvden Pride Contest Evil 💀FalconWings replied 3 days ago2
Design A Tombac! - Winner Gets 5 GC - WINNERS ANNOUNCED WaffleSyrup 🧇Searin replied 4 days ago45
Spoop's Pupper Games SpoopySodaSpoopySoda replied 5 days ago23
Temp Paused 💰Capitalism💰Salem replied 6 days ago15
Finding Magnus - A relocation contest ♉ AuraTaurus ♉♉ AuraTaurus ♉ bumped 1 week ago0
nicest compliment wins... ChimeraPlaysYouTuberChimeraPlaysYouTuber🥚arm bumped 2021-04-12 09:32:212
Chromium Breeding Wolf Design Contest! Refunded T3 Breedings! Rye🏹Salem replied 2021-04-12 04:35:0527
The Prettiest and the Hideous {Voting has ended} mudclover {chatbrat}mitia replied 2021-04-11 19:29:1845
Help me design my Teardrop lady! CLOSED ChaixChaix bumped 2021-04-11 16:17:4220
Design My Stud, Win Refunded Breedings!! StormMistress Engel replied 2021-04-11 12:40:487
Add markings to my Selene Glass eyed stud [Price 10GC] Graciegra | T3 Breeder🐺🌺Twilight🌺🐺 replied 2021-04-08 22:06:3518
Extra Character for an Animated Series Contest BlaXtarAscentBlaXtarAscent replied 2021-04-05 07:09:204
Design my next stud and lead/pups! GC awards EXTENDED hamsterʟυɴεβεαᴍ replied 2021-04-04 08:34:4519
Design an Australian Shepard and Husky (40SC prize because I'm broke) [closed] LonelyWahlelunebeam replied 2021-03-29 10:44:5711